The Dutch government is taking a stand against illegal gambling advertising

The Dutch gaming authority, Kansspelautoriteit, a.k.a. KSA, has just commenced a new widespread movement. It is working to cease any affiliate who is using websites to advertise illegal and online gambling.

The online gambling market in the Netherlands is about to get launched within a few months. Thus, KSA is now doing some of the last-minute clean-ups for their market. It is now acting on all illegal gambling activities, which are presently occurring around this country.

The statement of KSA says that the regulator is periodically researching affiliate marketing for online gambling. Also, they are doing research on the online games of chance, which are advertised online.

In their previous wave of action against such affiliates, KSA has examined and analyzed 44 sites, along with their observations. Also, it included all kinds of external reports and imposing sanctions that took place immediately.

As per the present Dutch legislation, making promotions and providing online games of chance are completely illegal. It needs to be changed soon. However, as of 1st April, the Remote Gambling Act finally went to become effective after so many delays. The online market of gambling in the Netherlands will go live officially on October 1st.

As the legal framework is now in action, all interested operators can make applications for the license to offer games of chance online. However, anyone offering them without a license violates the law.

The Netherlands’ online gambling market has been quite long in its making. After facing several delays, the latest of which took place in January of this year, the online gambling market in this country is finally all set to begin.

The implementation of it took a little bit more time as people in charge thought this would probably result in a much better regulatory environment. Sander Dekker, who is one of the most significant figures involved in this gaming launch, came up with his remarks. He said that earlier, he had opted for informing the public that KSA is now aiming to make an entry in force on the 1st of March in 2021.

At the same time, the implementation is also proceeding much energetically. It has become pretty clear now to all involved in this gaming launch that careful implementations ought to consume a little bit more time.

Before this, KSA also organized discussions with the stakeholders. The stakeholders agreed to the delaying of it due to the required time for the entire setup. The regulatory body also came up with confirmation about the release of the game. Hence, the regulatory body said that it was decided based on this timetable after having discussions with everyone who is involved in the process.

However, now let’s see how much time it would take for the proper clean-up of all these illegal gaming operators and their illicit advertisements. Also, it will be very clear in a few days how this new market is performing.

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