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In these days, you can't talk about money without mentioning cryptocurrencies. 

Crypto Trading Platforms 2022

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Can I buy Bitcoin locally?

In some cases it is possible to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies locally. Although some popular local cryptocurrency exchanges have shut down lately new ones are always appearing. They might not have the best user interface but they tend to work alright.

It's important to take proper security precautions when buying Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency locally. Research the exchange and only buy from a trusted seller. Also, make sure to understand what the fees will be before committing to a purchase.

Why is high liquidity important?

High liquidity is important because it means that you can execute your trade at the price you want without worrying about slippage. Slippage happens when the order book is not deep enough so that your trade doesn't go through at the price you want.

All things being equal high liquidity exchanges also tend to be more reliable. Market makers (whales) provide a lot of liquidity and they usually only trade on the most secure exchanges.

Can I trade futures?

Yes, certain spot exchanges also offer futures trades. As already mentioned, however, it's important to understand all of the risks of trading futures, especially the risks of using margin.

Also, futures trades often have different trading fees than regular spot trades. For example, it's common for the market taker to pay a fee while the market maker receives a rebate. That is, the market maker actually receives a small bonus for trading.

Finally, it's important to understand the difference between perpetual swap futures, which have no expiration date, and regular futures products which have an expiration date. While most exchanges have perpetual swap futures, some also offer traditional futures products.

What's the difference between a centralized and decentralized exchange?

A centralized exchange is a "regular" exchange which is controlled by a single company or organization. All of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized and they have the most trading volume, not only in Bitcoin but for all cryptocurrencies.

A decentralized exchange is one that runs on a blockchain and lacks a centralized, controlling authority or organization. The cryptocurrency exchange enforces its rules via a smart contract.

Unfortunately decentralized exchanges are still in their infancy and even the best platform cannot offer all of the features of a good centralized exchange. Also, decentralized exchanges tend to not have very many trading pairs.

The advantage of a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is that they never store user funds so that hackers cannot steal anything. Also, decentralized exchanges tend to have lower fees than centralized exchanges. If you can find a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange with low fees and good trading pairs it may be worth checking out.