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In accordance with our Cookies Policy:

Company refers to (also referred to as "the Company," "We," "Us," or "Our" in this Cookies Policy).
You refers to the person who is accessing or using the website, or, if appropriate, the business or other legal entity acting on their behalf.


Your Personal Data


Customers of who may be worried about exactly how their personal information may be used online are the target audience for this privacy policy, which has been developed in order to inform and assist those customers. Please read this privacy policy very carefully in order to gain a clear and accurate knowledge of how we collect, utilize, protect, and/or otherwise manage any other aspects of your personal and personally identifiable information in accordance with our rules.

The website makes use of a variety of data about identifiable individuals, including data about you, in the course of conducting its day-to-day business activities. Because it collects and uses this data, is subject to a wide range of regulations that limit the manner in which operations of this kind are to be carried out and the precautions that are required to be taken to protect the data.

This Privacy Policy outlines the safe collection, storage, handling, processing, and sharing of personal data, including sensitive data and other non-personal data, that we legally obtain from you in connection with your use of our services. This includes both data that could be considered personally identifiable as well as data that could be considered sensitive. This Privacy Policy is applicable to in addition to any and all other brands, websites, products, or services offered by

In accordance with this Privacy Policy, if you use our services you are giving your consent to the collection, storage, treatment, processing, and sharing of any personal information we gather about you. If you do not agree with this policy, we ask that you refrain from accessing, utilizing, or dealing with any of the services offered by or any other component of the company's operations. Please be aware that it is important for you to read this notice in its entirety, carefully, and in combination with our Terms and Conditions.


How We Process Any Personal Data


We will not process any of your personal data unless we can demonstrate that we have a lawful basis for doing so in regard to your personal data. This is in compliance with the laws that safeguard your privacy.
If the provision of services to you in accordance with the fulfilment of the contract that we have with you requires us to process your personal data, then we do so. Because we are compelled to do so in line with legal or regulatory duties, such as tax regulations, anti-money laundering regulations, and other regulations governing licensed operators that were issued by supervisory authorities, we are obligated to do so. Either you have given your permission for us to handle your personal data, or it is in our legitimate interests to do so, provided that none of these interests infringe on any of your own rights, freedoms, or interests.


Cookies Policy


To keep track of how you use the website, we do make use of "cookies," which are just small text files that get saved on your computer and record your preferences. The purpose of the information and data that is obtained via the use of cookies is to assist in the enhancement of the overall service and to make things simpler and more convenient for you. Users do have the option to change the settings of their browsers to allow or reject cookies, giving them the freedom to make this decision for themselves. It is important to note, however, that if cookies are turned off on the website, it is possible that some of the more interactive parts of the site will not work properly or will not be experienced to their full potential. Cookies and other similar technologies remember the choices that you make, such as the language you choose, the parameters of your search, or whether or not you have logged in. We use this information to personalize your experience to be more in line with the choices you make on our site.

The website has taken proactive steps to ensure that all of your information is secure and protected against unauthorized access and use. Every bit of information and data that is gathered is immediately filed away in a database that is protected with a password. The database itself is protected by a firewall that is operational and up to date, and it is one that supports SSL Version 3 and 128 bit encryption.


Consent to Privacy Statement


You are indicating that you are willing to be bound by all of the terms and restrictions of this Privacy Policy just by using our service and website. This is our complete, final, and exclusive Privacy Statement, which takes precedence over any previous version. Should there be any provision within this Privacy Policy that is in conflict with our Terms and Conditions of Use, the Terms and Conditions of Use will take precedent. In addition, we reserve the right to alter or amend the provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time. Kindly make sure you review this statement on a regular basis. If you continue to use this website and its services, it will be assumed that you have read, understood, and consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy, as well as any amendments.